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The Pack contiene 410 g; The Mixture 175 g contiene: 250 pieces (approx.) Glass Mosaic normally 1 x 1 cm Multi-Coloured mix. Pack of 100 (68 g) Glass Mosaic with fundición Down Glimmer; for Beginners, Creative Minds and Professionals Pack of 560 (approx. 410 g) Mosaic Stones each 1 x 1 cm, 6 different Types of Glass Mosaic Stones. the Thickness of the Mosaic tiles varies between 0.4 and 0.5 cm (Mostly 0.4 cm) Some Minor Differences en size is Possible in a Few tiles. This corresponds to an area of approx 28 x 20 cm without Grouting.; these Glass Mosaic Stones are resistente a las heladas, proof, Acid resistant and alcalino de Proof, and can be used for interior y exterior use. They Are perfectly Suited for Craft Mosaic, but also for Walls, in the kitchen, bathrooms, Shower Rooms, etc…